The conjunction of the differential values of a signature with the expectations of your target audience is born a strong positioning. The result is the identification of customers with their brands/retail. The duration of this choice of fidelity will depend on the capacity of each trade to continue to adapt to the expectations of its customers over the power of attraction of its competitors.

We are at the dynamic interplay of strategic decision-making which requires the permanent knowledge of new trends that will mark the evolution of the market and the variation in the degree of satisfaction of our customers.

Now with the overlap of the physical sale to the online things are even more complicated. We have to deal with a new competition Crusade: The traditional that occurs in our physical environment and to the virtual that occurs on the Internet, which is defined by an immediate access to the information, most richness in content, a new habit of purchase where the values of appreciation are very different from those of the purchase, the interaction with social networks and the emergence of new influencers in trend network and modify the taste.

Where there is a new complexity there is also a new opportunity, through the analysis of big data or bulk data that occur among the millions and millions of cross-communication on the Internet, with the key words of the searches, the views in the different social networks and the contents of the online publications and blogs. The systematic analysis and ordered all that information is a new source of knowledge that will help us to decipher where the markets, the expectations of consumers, their degree of satisfaction and the reputational valuation of brands.

Currently there are services of analysis of big data to the scope and extent of all kinds of trade to transform massive data into actionable information and interesting to better understand what is our role in the market, how we perceive our customers and where they evolve.

This information is so rich, lively and constantly updated is crucial to persevere or modify our competitive strategies offline and online.

The purpose of all of them will remain the creation of clients addicted to our brand to enter by the door real or virtual of our shop and satisfied with your purchase on the paper bag on the street or open the cardboard package when they receive it in their homes.